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If you have gotten to this page in need of help, email Hey@WeLikeHelping.com

If you are unsure of how to make an email account or send an email, ask a librarian or someone that looks friendly for assistance. Do not be discouraged--this can jumpstart your life!

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We are a group of connectors crowdsourcing our networks to help those in need.

It takes just a few minutes to walk through the streets of an urban city to realize the poverty many still live in. We believe everyone has something unique and incredible to contribute to the world. And we know that a life-changing moment to realize your potential can be a matter of connecting to the right people and organizations. Be on the lookout for us, handing out our biz cards like these to those in need.

If you want to leverage your network with peeps to help others, shoot an email to join@WeLikeHelping.com.

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Fill out the simple application letting us know how awesome you are and what your plans are to put the excitement into action.


After getting a green light on your application, we'll send you the 100 free business cards, a free tshirt, and a free mug.


Now's time to put the passion into practice by handing out cards to those in need, and addressing crowdsourced inbound together.


For every 3 ambassadors you refer, you get another package of goodies and swag to further maximize your impact.

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